iWork is a company that has a specific purpose to assist the Government in its pursuit to Close the Gap in the Indigenous unemployment area. We do this by putting employers in direct contact with our vast National Indigenous audience. The iWork company wants to be known as a contributing factor in ending the disparity between Indigenous people and the rest of Australian society, through the vehicle of employment.

IWORK enables Hiring Manager’s access to a red hot, eager and aspiring community of Indigenous Australian’s. Committed to boosting Indigenous employment opportunities, IWORK has built the largest database of Indigenous job seekers in Australia. Our innovative platform promises to support your company’s initiatives by increasing workplace diversity and connect your business to suitable candidates.

The company has strong foundations in the Indigenous employment space with our Founder having 6 years’ experience at the coalface of the challenging Indigenous employment sector. Our Founder, a Noongar woman has experience across several portfolios which have included the founding of several successful businesses which include employment, training, tourism, procurement and fashion ventures. IWORK makes a positive impact on a National scale with exposure to thousands of Indigenous people across the country due to our significant networks, marketing strengths and knowledge of how to reach the grass roots Indigenous people of Australia.

Our employment marketplace is focused on facilitating the matching between Indigenous jobseekers and employment opportunities, and helping hirers find candidates for advertised Indigenous identified roles. Since going live, iWork has received almost 10,000 unique visitors to the site in the first 3 weeks as an indication of how eager the marketplace was for a platform of this kind. This amount of traffic will build momentum over the coming years as the site becomes the only go-to website of its kind delivering the jobs to the people.

IWORK Courses (feature currently under construction) will offer trusted advice in relation to career related courses and training opportunities that could lead to employment outcomes. IWORK anticipates becoming the trusted resource for Indigenous students find relevant career related training and courses.

IWORK's commitment to having a positive impact on the Indigenous community is reflected through the privately funded initiatives which our business has established to support the communities in which it operates. Whilst IWORK is a 100% Indigenous owned and managed business, it has not relied upon Government funds to become established. This in itself supports our philosophy of wanting to create positive change and then making it happen.